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Is anyone still out there? Ive tried scrolling through my feed a couple times now, and only seem to be able to go back a few days. Anyone else having the same issue?

The Radio Wedding Verse

So, I'm not around much. I read quietly and slip away, but I'm back to beg...if anyone actually sees this. My computer crashed and I lost so many files, including one of my top five Supernatural fics, The Radio Wedding Verse, by tinalia. I went to her journal, only to find its been deleted. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say I'm kind of sick, at the thought of the rest of my life without this story. Can anyone help me out with a pdf? My life would be much closer to complete, if you did.

Crying in my bed, trying to recreate the story in my head

'Cause I can't just go punch him in the throat...
If I don't divorce my husband before he gets that f*cking shed finished, God will have had personal intervention in the matter. Can someone please explain just how its possible to be mad at me for something he screwed up himself? I need a vacation from my life...and him.  

Took the boy to see Red Dawn tonight. It was a staple in my teen years. I remember watching it on Showtime, like, six times a day. Seriously, they had approximately theee movies in rotation and it came on every four hours. Loved being able to see it with my son. 

Like the 1984 version, this won't be winning any awards.  At all. Not a shot in hell. Ever.  But let's talk about the important stuff...Ladies and gentlemen, can you say, "Jeffrey Dean Morgan in fatigues?"  I knew you could. This is the hottest he's ever looked and you only see his face. Sometimes some neck, but usually just the face and the man is hot like the fire he's created in my loins. Made that Thor person look like a kid trying to play with the big boys.  Did I mention he was sizzling?

In other news, Adrianne Palicki confirmed my suspicion that she has one expression; that of the doe eyed variety. 

Off to watch the original on Netflix with the kid. 

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So, I've had a really bad day. I spent five hours with my mother listening her to belittle, begrudge, and pretty much hate on everyone she saw. This was also the day I discovered that she seems to have made food pantries a career choice. Seriously, what the hell?  My son is no longer allowed to be a passenger in her car, because, you know, I love him and she should never  be allowed behind the wheel again. Pretty much, she's a fuckin' nutbag and I came home, lit a cigarette, did two shots of Crown, consecutively, and picked a fight with the husband (I'm not sure if that counts as mother induced trauma, though, cause we're pretty complicated right now). So, yeah, I might be a little on the edge. 

He's reminding me of Jared
So, Malcolm on tonight's premiere of Survivor is reminding me so much of Jared Padalecki. I wasn't even going to watch it. So very, very, very glad I did!

Are there any jobs...anywhere... in the world?

I'm seriously about to lose my shit, here. I've been in tears most of the day.

I didn't get yet another job last week. I had a great interview; really connected with the interviewer; got an almost immediate response to my follow up email...and then I didn't get the job. Again.

Then today I really thought I'd get a call on this job where I kind of had an "in"...of course not.

I don't know how much more I can take.

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That was then...
You know that soul crushing moment when you realize you can't actually trust the people you thought you could?  Yeah, that sucks.  That sucks hardcore.

Jensen and Jared are in love....
How in the name of all that is Holy did I NOT know about this?  Seriously, I spilled my wine and almost fell out of the chair...

The Ballad of Jensen and Jared

I Fail at, well, pretty much everything
Oh man, if this year gets any better I'll have to shoot myself in the head.  Illness (like since the day after Christmas illness), domestic discourse, baby mama drama, bad photos (seriously, how can I have lost so much weight and still look like a raging fat ass?) and now I've successfully deleted my entire inbox...without reading it, of course. 

Sooooo, if you messaged me and don't get a response, don't assume I'm an irresponsible, unthoughtful louse...oh, I can be those things, just not this time.  Hit me again!


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